Warriors RP: Sparrow Clan, Raven Clan, and Finch Clan


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Hey everyone! I know there are sooo many RP's out there, but they've already started! Here's a new RP; Sparrow Clan, Raven Clan, and Finch Clan.


Sparrow Clan: Like riverClan, the clan members are excellent swimmers. As soon as the kits are apprenticed, they are taught how to swim. They live on a small island in the middle of a tiny lake. The island is shaded with pretty trees, bringing wonderful shade in the summer months.

Raven Clan: This clan always reminds me of ShadowClan. They are powerful, bad tempered, and good fighters. They live in the darkest part of the woods. It barely ever gets any light. There is a small stream running through their territory.

Finch Clan: A clan much like WindClan, this clan is quick; of flight and temper. They live in a stand of trees in Golden Meadow. There is a cool pond near their camp. They never swim, so they have soft, kittypet-like fur. Most of them, anyways.


Current Plot:
FinchClan has been attacked! Not by the rival clans, but by foxes! Two rouge foxes; one has been eliminated, but the other may come back for revenge. With FinchClan at it's weakest, RavenClan is contemplating attack. Which Clan will you join? Will you defend your territory, or try to take more? Will you stay neutral, or fight?


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Sparrow Clan:

Winterstar - Pure white pelt and icy blue eyes. (Rezia)

Leopardfur - A golden spotted tabby she-cat. (ChickieBooBoo)

Medicine Cat:
Speckledpelt - A grey, white, and black peppered pelt with green eyes. (Rezia)

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open

Hazelstorm - A tan tabby with soft, hazel eyes. (Rezia)

Aspensnake - A pure black tom with thorn-sharp claws and harsh green eyes. (Rezia)

Softpaw - Soft grey pelt and piercing blue eyes. (Rezia)

Current Queens: None

Kits: None

Elders: None

Deceased: None

Raven Clan:

Jaystar - A slender, light footed blue-grey tom with one white paw and cold, ice blue eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

Spiderclaw - A long legged, slim black tom with lightning fast reflexes and narrow green eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

Medicine Cat:
Sagewhisker - A fluffy, gray and white she-cat with an unusually short clipped tail. (ChickieBooBoo)

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Open

Sunstream - A bulky, light ginger tom with a knicked ear and a scar across the bridge of his nose. (ChickieBooBoo)

Snakeheart - A black and grey striped tabby tom with an unusually cruel temper. (ChickieBooBoo)

Darkstripe - A muscular black tom with silver stripes across his back and head. (ChickieBooBoo)

Ivytail - A black and white she-cat with a narrow, pointed face and green eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

Snowbird - An unusually white she-cat with broad shoulders and a black tipped tail. (ChickieBooBoo)

Stormfur - A muscular, dark grey tom with thick, fluffy fur and a battered pelt. (ChickieBooBoo)

Runningbrook - A slender, agile, light brown she-cat with pale green eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

Breezepelt - A tall, rather large, dark gray tom with unusually long front and back claws. (ChickieBooBoo)

Flamepaw - A muscular, bright ginger tom with yellow eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

Lizzardpaw - A slender, snappy she-cat with flecks of light grey. (ChickieBooBoo)

Icepaw - A silvery grey tabby she-cat with a slim figure and sharp blue eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

Rainpaw - Similar to a siamese. (OwlLover)

Current Queens:
Nightdapple - A small, slender black she-cat with a long, skinny tail. (ChickieBooBoo)

Willowpelt - A sturdy grey she-cat with pale grey stripes and blue eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

Adderkit - Dark brown tabby tom. (ChickieBooBoo)

Crowkit - Charcoal grey tom. (ChickieBooBoo)

Greypool - A skinny grey she-cat with patchy fur and cloudy grey eyes, blind. (ChickieBooBoo)

Duskcloud - A pale brown tabby she-cat with darker brown stripes. (ChickieBooBoo)

Deceased: None

Finch Clan:

Thunderstar - She has a flame-colored pelt and piercing blue-green eyes. She has darker paws, ears, and tail-tip. (CayugaLover)

Goldenheart - She has a brown pelt, with golden-brown belly and muzzle, and she has a black/brown stripe from her ears to the tip of her tail, and black/brown paws. She has amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

Medicine Cat:
Echowhisper - Brown she-cat with patches of dark brown, light brown and white. Her eyes are blue. (chickenarmy)

Medicine Cat Apprentice:
Moonpaw - She's a rare albino, she has a perfectly white pelt and amber-red eyes. (CayugaLover)

Mousefur - He has mousy grey-brown fur, amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

Dapplestorm - A black cat with random white splotches with yellow eyes. (CayugaLover)

Birdsong - Cream coloured she-cat with greyish-brown stripes. (chickenarmy)

Darkblizzard - He has a strikingly white pelt with faint grey stripes and dark grey paws and tail, blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

Duckflight – She has a black pelt, a few scattered white speckles on chest, dark amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

Rainstripe - He's grey with blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

Ivypaw - Black fur, green eyes. (CayugaLover)

Longpaw - He's brown with brown-amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

Sorrelpaw – She has dark ginger fur, yellow-green eyes. (CayugaLover)

Ashpaw – He has grey fur with black tabby stripes, very pale yellow eyes. (CayugaLover)

Eaglepaw - She's blue-black with white paws and a white stripe down her back from her ears to the tip of her tail, golden-yellow eyes. (CayugaLover)

Current Queens:
Morningsong - Blue-grey fur and blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

Willowbranch - She has a dappled pelt of many colors, green eyes. (CayugaLover)

Stonekit - Small grey kit with blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

Bramblekit - Small brown and grey kit with green eyes. (CayugaLover)

Cliffkit - Small reddish-brown and grey kit with blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

Birchkit - He's white with dark grey spots, blue eyes. Willowbranch's kit. (CayugaLover)

Flightkit - She has a fire colored pelt with black spots, green eyes. Willowbranch's kit. (CayugaLover)

Owlkit – She's grey with black spots, blue eyes. Willowbranch's kit. (CayugaLover)

Squirrelkit – He's white with brown spots, grey paws and tail, green eyes. Willowbranch's kit. (CayugaLover)

Elkspirit - Creamy white fur with long ears and brown and and a few black stripes. (chickenarmy)

Greywhiskers - White with yellow-green eyes, he's missing a leg. (CayugaLover)

Whisperwind - Similar to Greywhiskers, she has dark green eyes and she's missing an ear. (CayugaLover)

Dreamsong - A black she-cat with random white splotches and yellow eyes. (CayugaLover)

Riversun - She has a flame colored pelt with gold tabby stripes, green eyes. (CayugaLover)

Silvernight - Silver pelt and blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

Frank - Brown with amber eyes. (CayugaLover)


Feel free to PM me with any questions!


-Pleeease don't use foul language. I'm a Christian, and don't appreciate it.

-If you are talking or signing up, or posting anything besides the RP, please put the words in ( ).

-Have fun! If you haven't read the Warriors series, I suggest you do, because it is a very good series!

-Don't kill another character's cat unless given permission by that person.

-Don't RP another person's cat. It's a little annoying to come on the RP and find your cat has just jumped off a cliff.
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Name: Winterstar
Clan of Choice: Sparrow Clan
Age (moons): 40 moons (has 7 lives left)
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Leader
Looks/Appearance: Pure white pelt and icy blue eyes.
Mate: None
Kits: None
Crush: None
Other: Does not tolerate anything other than perfection. She has a quick temper, but only when angered.
Your BYC Username: Rezia

Name: Speckledpelt
Clan of Choice: Sparrow Clan
Age (moons): 23 moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Medicine cat
Looks/Appearance: A grey, white, and black peppered pelt with green eyes.
Mate: Forbidden
Kits: Forbidden
Crush: Forbidden
Other: Is a sweet cat. A cat who plans ahead, because of her conversations with Star Clan. A no-nonsense cat, she is quick to comment if someone is doing something wrong.
Your BYC Username: Rezia

Name: Hazelstorm
Clan of Choice: Sparrow Clan
Age (moons): 25 moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior
Looks/Appearance: A tan tabby with soft, hazel eyes.
Mate: None
Kits: None
Crush: None
Other: An exceptional warrior, trained by her father, the great, powerful Tigerstorm. She spends her free time making up new fighting moves, and teaching others the new techniques/moves.
Your BYC Username: Rezia

Name: Softpaw
Clan of Choice: Sparrow Clan
Age (moons): 10 moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: Apprentice
Looks/Appearance: Soft grey pelt and piercing blue eyes.
Mate: None
Kits: None
Crush: None
Other: He is a great fighter. He does not like water at all. Was almost drowned as a kit. His brothers and sisters drowned. He is a softspoken cat.
Your BYC Username: Rezia
Rezia if you know there are lots of RPs why did you start this one too? This is the 4th warrior cat RP to recently be active, not to mention to warrior chicken RP. I don't know why people think they can't join an existing RP, thats what the front page is for, to get you started.
Why don't you change this to a bird clan rp?

If anything, please don't. It's actually fairly difficult for those of us who have quality RPs that don't even get any attention. I could rant on and on about this, but I'll choose not to. This isn't a thread for whining.

Either way, join existing RPs, and if possible, join RPs with actual effort put into them so more people will be tempted to join in too. Encouraging RPs slapped together for whatever reason is disheartening towards those of us who actually try to be original, use proper grammar and punctuation, page design, etc.
Rezia, what I think you should do is, join a few RPs and make some friends, then start a RP that's never been done before. RPs that are unique and aren't cliched almost always do well. Also, don't take this as mean or rude, its just a tip

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