Warts on foot?

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    Feb 24, 2013
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    I recently performed a second bumblefoot surgery on my 13-month old Sebright Bantam hen, Grace. Upon examining her feet this morning, I noticed these wart-like growths on the foot that did not have the surgery. She does not have them anywhere else on her body and they are not blistery. They cannot be picked off like a scab. The surrounding skin is not affected, no swelling or pain. After her foot surgery a few weeks ago, I soaked both feet in warm water and betadine for the week following. My hens are wormed every 6 months and receive Quik Chick vitamins daily in their water. Can chickens get warts? I sprayed Blu-Kote on them, but have no idea what I am dealing with. Thank you, in advance, for any advice you may offer.

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    Apr 8, 2013
    Any animal with skin can get warts, generally speaking. Chickens can get fowl pox and some other diseases which cause growths of various kinds. On the underside of the foot is an odd place though so I would think perhaps it's an encapsulated foreign body, probably something irritant like a very fibrous or somewhat poisonous splinter or treated wood.

    If they grow, or start popping up in other places, or on other birds, then you've got something contagious, most likely. Until then, personally I would educate myself in advance and not worry in the meanwhile. Best wishes.
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    I see no swelling nor redness, as long as your hen is eating, drinking, laying and acting like a chicken should, dont worry about it.

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