Was beginning to think mine were roos!

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    Apr 17, 2007
    My kids won chicks at the county fair back in April, so I'm thinking mine are around 18 weeks-ish. We've got a fine looking coop [​IMG] which was supposed to be a tractor *but* is immoveable thanks to the lovely heavy lumber my darling husband used to build it, LOL. They are friendly and fat, and have been confined to the tractor because they were pooping on my back porch, LOL. So I guess it's time to switch to the egg developer feed? And since I've read a few threads here, I'm thinking that maybe they just newly look like roosters because they're about to start laying eggs. How will they know to go into the tractor (if they're out) and nest box for the first time? Anything I need to do? thanks so much for advice--obviously this is our first set of chickens!
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    Hi! Welcome to chickendom! [​IMG] They may be your first chickens but once you get those fresh eggs you'll be hooked for sure! [​IMG]

    You don't need to switch over to layer feed until you start getting eggs. They are still growing at that age and the extra protien in the chick food is being put to good use.

    The comb and wattles get big and red just before they start to lay, they also start to squat when you pick them up. That's a sure sign they are girls and just about to start laying.

    Try putting some golf balls or fake eggs in the nest. That really helps them get the idea of where to nest.

    So do you know what breeds they are? [​IMG]

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