Was it worth it?

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    I've been curious about some of the bidding that has been going on with different eggs. I've seen some eggs go as high as $200! [​IMG] Given my unlucky experience with shipped eggs, I have to ask those who paid a lot of money for eggs: did you get a good hatch rate and were you happy with the results? Did you feel this was money well spent? [​IMG]

    I understand the desire to have various fowl (I really do!), but the price amazes me. [​IMG]
  2. madamwlf

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    Aug 22, 2010
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    Yes it is well worth it to get some sellers prized eggs. Sellers that have eggs that go for a lot usually take extra care in packing as well. I have some beautiful showgirls from some nice eggs I won.
  3. mississippifarmboy

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    I have paid a good bit for hatching eggs to get a breed or variety I could get no other way. I have several birds on the place now that when you look at the price I paid for the eggs and divide it by the amount of chicks that hatched... Well, let's just say some of those day old chicks cost me $50.00 or more each. [​IMG]

    I've had hatch rates on shipped eggs from zero up to about 60%. It depends on so many things, mainly in my opinion, the way they are packed and the way they are treated by the post office.

    Would I do it again? Yes. I intend to when I can afford it. I'm not into fads, but some of the heritage breeds I love and want are only availible in great quality from select breeders and to get the stock I want I'll have to pay the price they want.

    The way I look at it is this. Even if I wind up with a 100 bucks in a pair of birds I love and am happy with, I'm ok with that. Because I'll be hatching and raising from these birds for the rest of my life.

    Everyone is different though. I think 99% off the high selling eggs are going to people who think they are going to raise some and get in on the fad, sell eggs for a ton of money and get rich. You can make a small fortune on hatching eggs. All it takes is a lot of work, luck, and a large fortune to get started.


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    I wonder if some of the buyers are actually more local and can go pick up the eggs in person vs having them shipped?
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    I have had pretty good luck with shipped eggs. I get around a 60% + hatch which I think is good. Out of one dozen I had 4 out of 12 hatched but for the most part it has been 60% to 65% hatches.

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