Washing eggs?

Personally, I don't know, I've never done this. I would advise against it though, because when an egg is laid, if you watch it when it's laid, you will see it is wet. This is the "bloom" which is antibacterial to protect the developing chick. The bloom dries and is still there, you just can't see it. This is why I only wash eating eggs if they have poop on them. Otherwise, I just wipe any bedding off. I do the same for hatching eggs, just wipe them on my shirt or if that is dirty with a towel. If they have poop on, I usually incubate it anyway unless it is really bad.

Maybe if you are incubating the eggs in a sterile incubator it might not hurt, but still, I wouldn't suggest it.

Best of luck to you! MW
Bad idea, you wash them you are allowing bacteria to come into the eggs, it will kill the chick during development. I have never wash or cleaned my eggs, if there's a feather attached, it goes in, if there's poop, it goes in. ha ha ha i will hatch anything with anything on them.... Or at least try to hatch them..
There is a BLOOM on the egg. The bloom helps keep harmfull things from entering the pours of the eggs. ...wash it off and its bound to die.
If there is poop or anything try just knocking it off. A little dirt never hurt anything

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