Washing Hen, Molting?


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Mar 26, 2010
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I bought a hen yesterday, and she's molting (maybe) or been pecked at some. The thing is she's pretty dirty. She's a barred rock and most the her white feathers look dirty. I have washed butts before, but should I wait til more feathers grow in or does it matter? It's going to rain soon, so I'm letting it go. This girl needs a makeover, poor thing!!! And are there any special foods that will help her feathers grow in faster?
Nope, her feathers wont re-grow until she is done molting.

You can give her some high protien foods (eggs, yogurt, a little meat, cat food) to give her a boost when she is ready.
Growing feathers requires protein, so some extra protein might help. No bugs on her? It's nice you purchased a homely one and are helping to restore her to her former glory.
I love this quote! Even a hen needs a little bit of vanity...
Ha! But it won't stress her and mkae more feathers fall out? The weather has been pretty chiily and I don't want a naked chicken
Dont SCRUB her. Blowdry on low is fine. They usually fall asleep with the warmth.
I brought home a filthy chicken today and promptly gave her a warm, gentle bath (shampoo, vinegar and water rinse, plain water rinse). She was just about falling asleep in the warm water. Then she got a gentle blow dry, and she *did* fall asleep. And she looked much better afterward.
Ah, that's cute. Great idea about the vinegar too, might cut the odor! She smells... She calming down, will wait til it's a bit warmer in a day or two. Thanks for the ideas!!! I have washed bums before, but never a whole hen!

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