washing white birds


10 Years
Aug 11, 2009
Bloomsdale, MO
how on earth do you get white birds clean
We have our first apa show saturday. I washed everybody I could not get the white cochins and silkies feet white. I used three buckets, soak, soap (dawn) and swish. also how long should their nails be ? please and thank you
I have heard of people using Mrs.Stewart's Liquid bluing on white animals to make them more white. My mom and Gma use it on clothes and they are pretty white. It says on the bottle that you can use it on animals, and it is nontoxic and Biodegradable!
I have never tried this because I do not have any white birds, but thought it might help you!
Dawn and lots of scrubing......................spents a couple hours washing chickens last week just for the Fox to come eat them......argggggggggggggg
I have White and splash Cochin's and I use Liquid Bluing. A word of advise. You dilute just a little in the water. If you put it on too strong you will have a blue bird. I washed my chickens fist with shampoo and then filled the sink with warm water and put the blue in and mixed it up. It should make the water a light blue (Sky Blue) color. Then I soak them in it for about 5 min. or so. I pour it over their back to make sure I get it all over them. Then Rinse them good and dry them. It does work pretty well and the birds look great.

Hope this helps. Good luck at the show.

chickensducks&agoose :

I want blue birds! My white birds are all gray from dirt... silly things... where do I find liquid blue?

It is in the laundry Isle of the grocery store. I know that Krogers and IGA carry it. Not sure about any others. It is about $3 a bottle​
You need to go to a tack store and get any of the equine soap the is for washing horses with a lot of white ie.. Paints, Apps and grey/white horses, any white markings and light or white tails with.
It will get rid of all the yellow etc - just make sure that you dilute it in a bucket and do not leave it on to long. Works great! Good Luck

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