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Release the Ferrets!!
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Jan 18, 2008
Sorry kdog don’t think the job up here will work with your sched, I usually start at 5 (pup needs a pee break), throw a log on the fire and coffee is on no later than 7!
Then feed and water horses, (and by “water” I mean several minutes of chipping ice to open the water hole lol), followed by chipping poo off the barn floor, (keep mouth closed due to flying poo nugs), then work in the studio for 8-10-12 hrs.

The bright spot is that this year the chooks are pretty hands-off, they have a huge coop, a feeder that holds 50lbs of chow and a great big cooler with a tank heater.
Oh and somewhere throughout the day run dogs, clean house, make dinner, do laundry......
OMG that’s so early!!! :eek: :th and a ridiculously long day! How do you fit all that in one day!? How do you ever sleep!? :eek: :th

That said though... when I have to, I can and do get up early and even though I take forever to get started, if at all, once I do finally get started, I don’t stop lol and work really hard. Tend to overwork myself in fact. :lau :oops:

Also, with animals involved, I tend to work harder. I care about them/do anything for them, including hour plus long walks/training in the rain and freezing cold for dogs and stuff like that lol, so I think once I got there and started working, I could do it. It just would take some adjusting and getting used to and be a pretty rude awakening for me :lau

But now that I’ve been drinking tea in the mornings, I’m actually a lot more motivated and energetic lol

But that said, I am NOT a morning person AT ALL lol

I usually have to be awake for a couple hours at least to really be fully awake/aware lol

And even though I don’t exactly get up early, I usually get going in the afternoon/don’t stop and/or I’ll start running around doing A ton of stuff at night. Like last night I cleaned my room at like midnight :lau

Of course that’s cause I put it off and it had to be done but still.

I am much more of a night owl lol don’t do well with mornings.

Maybe I need an overnight job. :lau

But I could adapt to mornings if given enough time I think lol

Might need to sleep a bit later than 5 at first though... :th
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