Water both ducks and chickens?


Aug 8, 2019
Newbie here! I have two elderly ducks who love to make a mess in any way they can manage, including turning the water in their coop into a muddy slurry. I wish there was a way to provide water for all the birds without the two ducks ruining it for everyone. Any tips or tricks to recommend?
I have read of setting up the water over a reservoir that is cover with wire that you can dump occasionally. I think @chickens really uses a pallet to put water on to minimize the mess.

I personally just move my water buckets around, and dump daily. Ducks are messy, they are meant to live by water, or on it, so wet doesn't matter to them.
Ducks need to be able to dunk their heads and ducks need to mix their food with their water. Both of these things are very messy activities.

You could make something like this that would minimize the splashing, as well as set it on a hard surface so they can’t drill in the mud immediately next to it.


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