Water, Feed in coop or run?

Run only. But they have access from the coop to the run 24/7. I've never seen them leave the coop to eat or drink when it's dark or close to it. My run and coop are connected and both have a roof so I don't have weather issues.
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Mine free-range but have coop access so I keep food and water in coop and extra water outside. They tend to eat feed in the morning before going out and here and there during the late afternoon, early evening.
So I guess whatever works for us and our area is fine...Thanks for all of your replies!
Exactly this! We just moved the water into the run after it spilled in the coop and made a huge mess! It stays SO much cleaner out there (both the shavings in the coop and the water itself!)! We are working on a poultry cup watering system for inside the coop for the winter so the water doesn't freeze. I plan to keep a heat lamp in there to keep in the inside coop temp above freezing and keep the water thawed. We get into negative temps in the winter so water in the run just wouldn't work well during that season!
I have an automatic waterer in the coop and one in the run. Their pellets are in the coop but get fed BOSS and their salad every day in the run.

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