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    Oct 4, 2009
    I'm not sure if it's ever been brought up on this forum or not but here is an easy way to make a water level indicator. I put these on all of my bucket/nipple waterers but you could apply the same concept to just about anything. The nice thing about this is if you have a solid color bucket and you can't see the water level in it this makes it a whole lot easier. We all know how tight the lids for the buckets fit and can be a big pain to take off of the bucket when there is 45 lbs of weight dangling. This allows you to keep your lid locked down solid so no dust/dirt/feathers can get in and allows a quick visual to see your water level. One other thing, the black seal on the bucket is a special seal called a Uniseal, which is a very common type of seal for curved surfaces and they are made to fit all of your standard sizes of PVC. I usually have to order mine because I can't find locally. I get them from The Uniseal Warehouse. They are extremely cheap and work better than traditional bulkheads on curved surfaces.

    PS- On this particular bucket, I attached the upper zip-tie holding the tubing a little too far towards the top and it somewhat interferes with the lid. The lid still snaps down if you kind of pry the tubing. I just figured I would point that out so you don't make the same mistake if you decide to build one yourself. Also, don't forget to drill a hole in your bucket lid for an air vent. It can even be as tiny as 1/16".



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    Hey that is a great idea you have there. I do believe that I have a couple of spots that this concept could come in handy. It could also function as the vent to my buckets with horizontal nipples, I have had to previously drill a small hole in the lid or side of the bucket, this could both vent and show water level. Thanks for posting this and the photos, very nice.

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    I was thinking about doing this to mine too! I like it. I was going to try to find something orange or bright colored that fit in the tube so you can see the level from a distance. With the orange bucket you can get away with something white. Like a ping pong ball but small enough to float freely in the tube.
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    Love the uniseals!! Learned about them in the ornamental ponding world.
    With a cleanly drilled hole, a beveled pipe end and little veg oil lube the smaller ones are pretty easy to install.

    I'm not sure this would actually work as an anti vacuum vent?
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    Jun 12, 2014
    This is a great idea. It was just posted in another forum too. I had forgotten I was part of this group.

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