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Mar 23, 2015
I'm building a water system out of pvc and nipples to go in my tractor coop. Does it need to be in the coop or can it be in the run? I am planning to shut them in the coop at night. Will they be ok with water only in daylight hours?
Yes but they would need to be let out at daybreak - my advice would be to get an auto door opener or be very prompt as they will be thirsty if delayed a few hours.

I don't keep water in the coop myself except for babies and sometimes in winter when the water freezes.
That kinda depends on whether you're an early riser and can get out there to let them out of the coop right away, or have an automatic pop door. I keep food and water in the run. They don't eat or drink while they are roosting anyway - they just sleep. I keep my pop door open to the run 24/7, so it just works out better for me. They get up, they go out to the run, eat, drink, do chickeny stuff, then at night they go back into the coop to roost. Kinda like chickens on auto-pilot. If they wake up at 6, and you don't get up until 10, have your coffee and breakfast, then go out to let them into the run, they aren't gonna like you much.

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It depends how your coop and run size setup. Just make sure it is easy to refill the water. I have both vertical and horizontal nipple water system. I refer screw horizontal nipple because no height require. You just drill few holes to the bucket/barrel 1 size smaller than recommend for future leak proof (re-tight if need).
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Thanks. Might fix the walkway so that it stays open all the time. The tractor and coop are sealed from the outside

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