Water test for "possibly" late eggs


Aug 1, 2016
This is our first time hatching eggs, and it has all been done by Raven; our Black Sumatra. She has taken the opportunity to graciously sit on some of the other girls eggs. It took me a week to realize that new eggs were being added to the nest, and so then started to mark which eggs had been there and which eggs were new. From then on I have been vigilant about locking her up during the other hens time of day to lay and checking for invader eggs. So; our sketchy beginning being out there for all to know, and candling throughout the process, we had whittled down the fertile eggs to 4. 1 hatched on day 19, and 1 hatched on day 21; leaving two eggs. Today is day 24.
I had candled on day 23 and did not see movement, but the air cells look fine. So today I went out with my 100 degree water and floated them-obviously no pips visible and no cheeping..Both eggs floated within the guideline for being "alive" but I could not see any movement.

So the question is.. Will you always see movement?
If they did expire in the shell, how long would it take them to bob high in the water or sink?

Since the start date is sketchy, I'm going to give them a few more days, but I was curious as to these questions.

I have been a long time "peeper" on these threads and enjoy listening to everyone and their shared knowledge.

Thank you for your time.
Hello from Oregon!

Thank you, I saw that thread but didn't know how to get my post there..Now that I am a member, I will certainly have to learn to navigate this site better.
I will try there.
Thank you,
and enjoy the great community!

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