water tray in LG question. Any experienced people please add tips. :)


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Oct 14, 2008
Moulton Iowa
In the bottom there is a middle trough and two on the outside of that one. Do I fill them all with water or just some of it? could use experienced people with this bator. First time using this one.
My temps are staying steady I just worry about humidity. Thanks.
Don't worry about the humidity for the first 18 days-just keep it low. After that, fill the rings (all 3) and cover them a little if the humidity goes too high. Happy hatching!
I have all of them filled a little now. Is that too much? Ahhhhh!!! I'm a wreck over this. I ran a bator about 10 yrs ago in my classroom. I turned it on left it and all hatched. This time I have some special eggs and I'm even dreaming about something going wrong.
Anxiety. Usually I just give them to my broody hens but I don't have one when I wanted one.

By the way it's a still air and my temp is just right and I have my thermometer on top of the eggs at 101.5.
Take a deeeeeep breath.........there...feel better?
With BYC on your side, you will do just fine! When did you put the eggs in? I would say just leave it alone and get your hygrometer put in there today or tomorrow, then adjust it as needed. Do a search for "dry hatch." My last hatch is 5 days old. I got three healthy chicks from one dozen refrigerated, washed eggs that had 2 roosters with 140 hens!!! The other 9 eggs were not fertile. I kept mine between 30-35% for the first 18 days, then raised it to about 50-they hatched on day 19!

What kind of eggs do you have?
I won the auction of M@m@2four. I got some very nice silkies from her Show birds.

I set them yesterday at 1:00 pm.
I'm just a worry wart I guess.

Thanks so much for the help. When I get that guage in there I will post humidity.
I have researched a lot and heard of the dry hatch? What exactly is that? NO water in there at all??
You won the EXPENSIVE eggs!
Okay-I would be worried too! Lol!

ETA: just add water if the humidity drops to 25% or lower
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Yes, I really like the white Precision (I think that is what it's called!). I have two like that and they are pretty accurate. They are also the cheapest!

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