In the Brooder
May 2, 2015
Randleman, NC
Yesterday my 5 week old red Rangers knocked over their water some time between the morning and lunch time. I checked on them in the morning and then went back at lunch time and one of them had gotten out and the other two were attempting an escape. I'm now worried that they will knock over the water in the middle of the night and get out and not be able to get back into the cage for food or thurst to death in the middle of the night. Is this something I need to be worried about or will they be fine.
If its dark in their coop they should be still and not be planning their escape. You may want to change your set up. Do you have t bem in a box still or in a hen house now.
They are in the brooder at night now and outside during the day. The coop isn't done yet or they would be in there. I've been leaving the light on in there but covering half the brooder to provide some darkness where they sleep and light where they eat/drink. Im worried if they spill the water over while I'm asleep they will get dehydrated.

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