Mar 11, 2015
What are good water solutions for ducks in your yard? I have a kiddie pool but they always seem to make the thing filthy.
Yes, that's pretty much what ducks do with water...make it filthy. You can mitigate the filth slightly by keeping the pool(s) on surfaces that don't allow mud to form nearby and by keeping multiple water sources for multiple ducks (ie, less water + more ducks = big mess, more water + less ducks = less mess). That said, dirty water and ducks are kind of par for the course, I think, unless you have a big pond with a filtration system and drain, or a large natural pond and not too many ducks on it....
Probably right up there for complaints lol

Just clean the pool a couple times a week, it's fine mud will do them no harm if you like you could use smaller gravel and sand to surround the pool area to reduce mud.

I just keep cleaning and refilling all water pools and containers throughout the week, esthetically it may look awful to us but they adore it and start very young mud dabbling!

a messy duck is a happy duck...

now to keep clean drinking water? this idea works and well. Take a water font with a removable base, get a bowl slightly larger, take two bricks and set it on it, the water flows and is deep enough to clean nares but not so much so they can filth it up super quick nor get in.

actual blog i found it on awhile ago...


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