waterballoon crops-Update, cochin and oegb gone, Pansy needs help.


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I have a group of 7 bantams that are 11 to 12 weeks old in a cage inside the house. No bedding, linoleum floor. Eating chick starter/grower with a large sand bath. 2 days ago I began treating for Cocci with Sulmet. tomorrow I begin the 1/2 dose. 3 of the 7 are not looking good. They are not eating that I have seen, their crops are large and feel like a water balloon. If I try to massage,no matter how gently, the water starts to come up but it does start to go down after. I am not sure if it is just lack of food or something more. The Cocci is clearing up so what do I do about the crops? Please help, these are my babies and I don't want to lose them.
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First, what are you feeding them?

Likely what's going on is that their beneficial bacterial load isn't sufficient to keep their digestive systems going during the illness (and possibly before the illness, thus the cocci).

There are ways to empty the crops and they should be emptied. I'd see the other posts on here about that. In the mean time, however, you must give probiotics (replacing living bacteria) to get their systems back in order.

Plain yogurt is the easiest way and you can get it at the store tonight.. Acidophilus tablets (also at the store) are also useful. Treat them with that daily during treatment, ANY time you use any meds, and for two weeks afterwards. Yogurt- you mix with water in their food, 1 teaspoon per six chicks, or try to get them to eat it on their own. Every chick MUST eat some.

Let's start with that, and in the mean time - I'd get some bedding for the babies. That way they have less exposure to droppings. YOu'll have to clean and disinfect their whole area of course.

Incidentally, the sand bath could be the cause of the backed up crops, but usually that old it shouldn't be. They really need to be on bedding though.
I tried bedding and they began feasting. their floors are cleaned twice a day until they go outside. All of my other have been on bedding but this group just kept eating it. I have the yogurt and will attempt to get a little into the 3 right now. they are eating unmedicated starter/grower as that is all that is available here. Treats of scrambled eggs, yogurt, and the occasional toast crust but that was before Cocci treatment. Oddly enough the Cocci showed up right after the last time I tried to put bedding in their cage. Thanks for the quick response, I will try some yogurt.
I wonder if the enlarged crop is a side effect of the sulmet, it is supposed to be pretty hard on the bird. I wonder if you could switch to Amprol for the cocci? Did you have a fecal done to be sure that is what they have?
Couldn't find anything but sulmet and that was hard and no money for vet as daughter just had surgery thursday. most are improving with med water. one is now eating some yogurt with some eagerness.
where are you at in SC? I am over by aiken and boots, bridles, and britches sells the medicated feed from purina so that you could start feeding them that and hopefully prevent the next outbreak, maybe it would help with this one.
It's not good to end an antibiotic early, and sulmet is that. It most definitely is part of the problem, but not all. The start of it was that the birds had to be treated in the first place. That was an indication that their good bacteria weren't established enough to fight the cocci. It sounds like the environment is quite clean.

So the sulmet, in treating cocci, killed good bacteria. That's why any time any medication (even amprolium in coccidiocide strength) is given, probiotics should be given. Any stress upsets the bacterial colonies of the gut. Especiallly because these birds aren't hen-raised (as most of ours are similarly not hen raised) and thus didn't get the nature-intended innoculation of beneficial bacteria from their moms.

In any case, probiotics should help. Sulmet shoud be continued as labeled without one day less. Probiotics every day during sulmet, then every other day for two weeks after as the birds are reviewed to see if they remain cocci free.

If we could roll back time, Corid would probably be the best choice. But it sounds like her feedstores, like mine, don't carry it. That's a shame, but doesn't surprise me. I wish they all carried it.

By the way - to the chicks' mom - good on the yogurt! that's a good sign. Just give them a bit. It's not an exact science, but I'd give no more than a teaspoon each - probably less. It won't kill them to have more, but they're not as lactose tolerant as we are.
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This is my first ever incidence of Cocci. I only gave them about 6 drops each and will give them about 1 hour and try for a little bit more. My jap roo did perk up when I dared to get some on his beak, a hopeful sign. I have had several small groups of babies and never had the problem with bedding eating like these. I think it started at the TSC as one had an intestinal impaction when I brought him home(japanese) and they did it from the start. thanks for the help.
The cochin is fading fast, found her this morning with her head tucked in a corner. I picked her up and water dribbled all down the front of her. The 2 roos also have pale, cool combs now with a little blue at the tips. Is there anything I can do to help them? If it is sour crop it will take time to get meds so anything I can do to give them more time?
One of the roos just seized and died. RIP Ashley.
The cochin too. RIP Gypsy.
All that is left is the Japanese Pansy.
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