Waterer that the ducks cant get into?

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10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
I use an assortment of watering containers, from the upside down waterers to the black hog bowls & other things. Theres MORE than enough water for the ducks..including their pool which is changed everyday, sometimes twice a day..plus they have smaller things they climb into & take a dip.
I feel bad for the other birds..all they get is muddy or poop water.

Id like to have something that the chixens & guineas can have clean water that the ducks cant mudd up or poop in..any suggestions?

Also id like to be able to keep some water in the barn, when ever i do now, the ducks make a huge mess & it stinks the hay up. With winter coming Id like to be able to keep them in on a xtra cold day or if id like to go away for an overnight or something. How could i set up some water that everyone could drink from that woulnt get all over the floor ?
At the fair, I saw that some people had milk jugs cut down and hanging on the side of the cages for the ducks. They could submerge their heads, but not climb in. I plan on making a couple for my birds. However, I would like a good winter solution because these will freeze. In the past, I have always used heated dog bowls for the water, but this year I have a duck in the flock. She makes a huge mess.

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