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    I saw this idea in Back Yard Poultry Magazine. It looks like its actually intended for horses, but that's okay. Its a flat backed bucket with a handle and a cord that can be hidden in the bottom when not in use. Its rated to -20°!

    I live in Minnesota and have been dreading the thought of cold wet hands. (First Winter with chickens.) With a bucket there's nothing to flip or open. I'm planning on making some sort of something so they can't perch on it. I have standard sized chickens so the height should be fine. I suppose if someone had shorter breeds of poultry that they could cut out a section down the front. Seeing the opening is higher up it should help with stuff getting kicked up into the water also.

    Anyway, this is what I'm going to try. I saw its on sale right now and thought I'd share the info. I hope its alright to post a retail link.

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    I know people here who use that product for cows and horses, but the problem with chickens is that if they slip in and get soaked they may not be able to get out.
    You may be happier with an electric dog bowl or a plastic poultry waterer with a heating element...

    Scroll to see an electric dog bowl in use with 12 hens...
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    Oct 9, 2008
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    I think its a great idea.. like you said , just make some sort of cover that only allows access to part of it so the chickens can't get in or on.
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    That's why I said I was going to make something to prevent them from perching on it. A dog bowl will get too much stuff kicked into it and they will walk in it. Of course I could make a cover of sorts for that as well, but dog bowls don't have the handy handles to prevent spilling on myself. Besides, all the ones that I found were more expensive than this bucket. Thanks for the thought though!

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