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Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
Al's Quackery is now taking orders for the 2016 season!

Breeds that I have are as follows:

1. Ancona ducks (flock of just black and a flock with black, blue, lavender, lilac, silver and chocolate)
These are bred for SQ, patchy markings with chest spots

2. Call ducks
I mainly breed for magpie/ancona/pied patterns. I have blacks, blues, chocolates, blue penciled pied and whites (to better types)

3. Silkie ducks
This year I am breeding for ancona patterned silkie ducks. But also have a flock (currently for sale if anyones interested) of pastels, snowy and black bibbed

4. Muscovy ducks
One flock consists of ripples in 3 colors and barred (to produce ripple and looneys)
One flock has black barred, blue barred and pied, and chocolate barred

5. American Buff geese

6. Sebastopol Geese (curly whites and a pair of lavender and saddleback)
Last year they produced white, splash, grey and lavender goslings

7. Mini sebastopols (likely won't be selling any this year as I grow my flock)

Limited number of ducklings/goslings and eggs will be available for most breeds. Please message me if seriously interested and I will add you to the list and contact you when what you are looking for is ready for purchase

NPIP certified in the state of Maine and MOST can be shipped. Message me for details


Jan 15, 2016
I sent a pm. Thank you


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Feb 3, 2016
Virginia, USA
I have heard this is a endangered breed of duck but i didn't know their were many morphs of them. Do you have any duck with a cool pattern that really sticks out like high white or low white or just anything so i can distinguish them from each other i hate with the pekins and the mallard and a lot of other species where you cant tell them apart and it drives me insane because i only use them for eggs and barely selling the babies at chicken swaps but its mostly for enjoyment. Every time a egg hatches it still makes me excited to see what pops out, even the pekins. I will pay extra for hand picked magpie ducklings with special markings ( Dumb but i'm not the smartest idiot ) it doesn't matter what color morph they are just if they have weird markings send me a pic at [email protected] and i will probably get it i'm gullible like that and if you call the magpies ancona ducks then thats what i mean thanks - Randome

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