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    This is for those like myself with many waterers and a long way to carry the water. You can go as elaborate or as simple as you want. For those with only a few waterers, but a long way between them bring the water to them. You can go to any hardware store for the parts. Get as much 1/2" rain bird tubing as you will need to go to the furthest waterer, about $15 per 100 feet and a connector for each 100' about $1.50. You will need a 3/4' hose thread to 1/2" hose adaptor about $1.75 and and package of 1/4" conectors about $1.50 for a package of 10 along with some 1/4" tubing, 5' per waterer. Roll out the tubing starting at the furthest waterer working back to the water supply. Connect the 1/2 adaptor to the tubing and them to the water supply. At each waterer connect the 1/4" tubing to the 1/2" tubing with the connector and place the 1/4" tubing in the waterer. If you are like me and want your chickens to have cool water at all times you can add a timer. A simple timer will run about $40 or you can get a multi station one starting at about $175. You still have to clean the waterers, but with the cool water this is cut down to once a week even in the summer. That is if you keep the waterer is the shade. I have two waterers for each station so I (the grand children) can go out and pick them all up and clean them, yet the chickens still have water. You must remember each time I say something about money or easy way out of work the I refers to me. When it refers to actual work, it is the grand children (God bless them) it refers to. Age:old does get you out of work at times. And for those that can't get the children to work, you would be surprised at what they will do if they want to stay here and eat. You see with grand children, you can always send them home.[​IMG]
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    Do you have a pic of this setup? Thanks!

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