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    I've noticed a lot of issues with people stealing images. So here's a tip. If anyone else has hints or advice, please post, also pictures of watermarks. In my signature is my website, all are watermarked with Picnik.com


    Start with your image.

    Go to the site, http://www.picnik.com/app#/home/welcome

    the first page you see UPLOAD PHOTOS. It's a little green button. CLICK IT!

    Choose your photo, you can do one or use the CTRL button and can do up to 5 uploads, but must watermark each separately.

    Once uploaded you are now in the EDIT tab. Here you can auto fix ect. Once all that is done click on the translucent tab at the top that says CREATE

    There you see a row that says Featured, Effects, TEXT. Click text.

    Type in your farm name or whatever, select your font (some are free, some are premium)

    Adjust size, color, transparency. Once done go to the transparent tab that says Save & Share.

    The image auto compresses. Then click SAVE PHOTO and save as imagename.jpg or .gif

    Then upload it here or photobucket and BAM, watermarked [​IMG] It's a lot of hassle, but free.


    (Must have a PB account, it's free)

    Go to the site http://photobucket.com/



    This brings up where your arrange your albums ect. Click on the photo

    Hover over the image and click EDIT, don't worry about the drop down, just click the word edit.

    Again you can autofix ect. Click the tab DECORATE

    Click either Text or Glitter text (kinda weird for a watermark though)

    Type in watermark text

    In text options box click transparent background, choose font, adjust size, and choose font color.

    Below your image you save either as copy or replace original (I suggest copy)

    And either upload to BYC or use the url link given from PB

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