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Nov 29, 2008
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You may or may not know I lost one hen this month (Blanche). Thought she had a heart attack laying an egg. May be or may be not. But now I have one ( Maude) who on Friday I picked up and notice water come from her mouth. Her Crop was full of water and she evacuated it as I held her forward. Scared the jebbers out of me. She feels thin (could not tell visually with all the feathering) I have had her in the house since and have read everything possible all weekend. Saturday I gave her bird vitamins in water with olive oil and Tylan, massaged her crop (feel nothing like a blockage) she ate some boiled egg yolk. But crop filled again with all the fluids I have been administering with an eye dropper every hour all that day. Tonight I took her out and leaned forward with her with light pressure and evacuated the fluid again. (not sour or any smell) only the color of the vitamins and water. She did eat some yogurt (kefir) right after that and did drink a little water. She does not look sick, bright eyes, good color but not eating and feels thin and probably dehydrating. My heart is sinking. I am going to get her into the vet tomorrow and will let you know what they say. The same vet that set her leg years ago when she was a youngin'. Why do animals only get sick on weekends and holidays?! Keep your fingers crossed for me that she will not take a bad turn over night. I have never been so anxious for Monday to hurry up and get here.
Sounds like Sour Crop to me (from experience, but I am FAR from a chicken expert). Rub it in a downward motion (not upward as it cause her to aspirate). It is commonly caused by a yeast infection in the crop due to wet food or eating from a compost pile (or similar such as mold, etc). You'll likely notice a nasty, FOUL smelling burp while you massage the crop. Withhold food (as it will just ferment in the crop) and give her ACV water. The ACV (apple cider vinegar) will help kill the yeast. I would use an irrigation syringe a couple times a day to give her a strong solution of ACV and water, while the rest of her water was much more dilute. My hen seemed to find relief with the ACV/water syringe as she would hold her beak open for me to add the solution. It made her all gurgly in the crop and I would rub it as she pushed up against my hand. It made the crop go down quite a bit in size and within 4 days, she was fine.
I have been giving ACV some stronger doses with dropper and very diluted in water over the weekend. She does not have any sour smell even when I emptied her crop earlier. Just does not seem to be absorbing much if anything. My main concern now is dehydration and starvation. Three days is long for no food or water to be absorbed. Coop is always clean, food is always fresh, mulch pile is always buried. I am real careful about all those thing. Vet will be my agenda tomorrow. With all the reading on BYC and the net all weekend I am just hoping it is not a blockage farther down. Will keep every one posted. I have been concerned with all my birds lately with the huge influx of cowbirds and blackbirds here. I have seen and removed plenty of sick and dead ones. So I have been checking my chickens closely everyday.
edit again..sorry I did not say thank you for your advice Barkerchickens!
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Hmmm....then I don't know what it would be. Impacted Crop (blockage in the crop) is usually hard, so I'd rule that out. I am not sure the symptoms of a deeper blockage as you mentioned. Does it go down at all if you massage her crop downward for a while (as in a long while)? I think the vet is a great idea!
Just back from the vets. Seem Maude has a blockage cyst in the gut. She got a good dose of antibiotics and doc used a needle to drain some the cyst. I had him give her an injection I IV fluids to help counter act the dehydration. Doc said to keep her on the tylan for a few days. If the cyst was only from an infection it should clear up, the bad news is it could be something worse and grow back it which case it will not be a good out come. Have Maude inside and will monitor her progress. Have my fingers crossed for the best but preparing for the worse also. augh!
Thanks to all the good information, I found here on BYC It kept me busy and sane through this weekend and learned quite a bit.
up date. Earlier about 4pm Maude let out a big watery poo with what looked like some green slime (looked like plant material), was slowly eating some kefir yogurt and a little medicated water. I took her out side about 5:50pm and she actually started eating some scratch, when I brought her back in she pecked at some crumbles and ate two finely chopped boiled shrimp (my dinner). Looking more alert and settled in for the night. She even took time for a little preening. Hoping tomorrow will be even better.
I am glad you took her to the vet! A big watery poo means that at least something got through, right? The green is from not enough food...which would make sense in her case.

Rootin' for Maude!!!

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