Watery poo-No eggs. HELP!!

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    Hi, I have a hen that's almost two years old, and I think that she was molting for a while, then she stopped, so I was expecting her start laying eggs again. But, recently she has been pooping very watery poo. She acts completely normal except for no eggs and the watery poop. Any advice????? Please help!!!
  2. I think most watery poo is normal, especally if they've been drinking a lot of water lately. Susan has this often, and although her bottom is a mess, she is fine. If you look up "chicken diarhea" on here there are lots of helpful threads, one of which has a link to a chart showing what is and isn't normal.
  3. little farmer

    little farmer Chillin' With My Peeps

    Well, her vent isn't messy, but thanks for the advice. :) I'll look it up on here.

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