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May 10, 2011
We added 1 guinea fowl and 10 sex link hens to our flock of 3 hens approximately 5 weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago one of the black hens acted unusual that am when I went to let them out that morning. She would stand in the corner and didn't want to come out. I went to check on her a couple of hours later and found her dead in the corner of the pen. Looks like she just sat down and died in that spot. She showed no other symptoms before that morning. Have been watching the other girls closely since then. Now I have one that has runny poop, seems lethargic, won't go near the other girls and now they're picking at her. She will stand off by herself and have her feathers fluffed up like she's cold. Am not sure how to upload photos but looked at the poop chart and her poop is like that one with white watery stuff and pellets in it. She is the only one with these symptoms. Is it possibly worms? Would like to do something quick for her before I lose another one. These are my autistic son's pets and he was devestated when the other one died. Please help.
It could be worms. If you have a vet you can use you can take a few samples from all times of the day and from several birds(that may not expel the worm eggs everytime they poop). If you cant afford a vet I would go ahead and worm the rest except the very ill ones. I would get them on ACV and Vitamin/electrolyte water to help build them up before you worm. If he has been really rainy then chances are good for worms. If you worm make sure you dont forget the 2nd dose in 10 days or you will be right back starting over.
So after I worm do I need to throw away the eggs? If so, for how long? How long do I give them the meds? Sorry about all the questions. Have only had chickens 1 1/2 years and have never had this problem. I'm still deep in the learning curve. Thanks for the advice.
Rule of thumb for egg disguard is from the day you worm until 14 days after the last time you worm. I do regular worming and usually do it when laying slows or stops.
What is ACV? So worm them all tomorrow and start throwing the eggs away. Worm again in 10 days continuing to throw eggs away. Is there anything else I need to do? I cleaned out the coop and am throwing the bedding out....not putting it in my compost pile. Should I clean the coop every few days or continue to clean out every week to week and a half? I don't want them to be in distress.
ACV is raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. You dont have to clean the coop that often. I use the deep litter method. You could go to the vet take a sick chicken or several fecal samples and have them analyzed. If they have a bad infestation and you dont treat then it will not go away. You could continue to have chickens die. Worms starve them to death and your wasting money on feed for the worms and some parasite can be transfered through eggs as well. Some people dont worm and if a bird dies from them then its ok with them natural selection of sorts. They are your birds so you need to do what you think is best for you and your birds.
I have an autistic son. These are his pets although I take care of them. : ) I get the most enjoyment out of them and thoroughly spoil them so I will do what I can to make them better and more comfortable. I have not been able to find a vet out this way that can or is willing to take care of chickens. So will be doing what I can to make them better and comfortable at the same time. I will be getting the meds and looking for the apple cider vinegar to give them. Thanks for everything. When should I start seeing some improvement? I hate to see her so unhappy.
Could them having worms be causing the soft shelled and shell less eggs I've been getting? Their eggs have been that way since I received the chickens. I was told to give them cottage cheese, yogurt, crushed oyster shell, pumpkin and squash as well as greens. They turn their noses up at the oyster shell and greens but go crazy for the other things. Am looking for the unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar. I think I can find that at the natural foods store in town. Will get the vitamin and deworming stuff at TSC tomorrow.

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