Watery Whites - Brand new eggs


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Feb 8, 2009
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2 of my 11 hens are just starting to lay. We've had 5 eggs in the last 4 days from them.

The eggs are small, as you'd expect with first time layers. The whites are full, but there seems to extra water in the shell with them.

The only thing I can find on BYC about watery whites has to do with MG. I've raised them from day-olds, and none of them have ever had watery eyes, discharge, etc... in my (limited experience) they seem to be, and have always been healthy. The shells are perfectly shaped, no wrinkles, bumps, or anything weird.

I'm hoping that this is just something the birds do with their first couple off eggs, and will 'grow out of it'...

I posted this over at egg laying, but got zero response…

Any one had any experience with this?
I think it is normal
do this
put 2 tbsp of sapple cider vinegar in gallon of water
and try to feed them some wet mash probiotics
for the normal laying hen to absorb the needed calcium and vit D

also are they still on laying mash or crumbles not grower medicated feed?

what kind of treats do you feed?

generally it is the water and not ACV in it that will cause some watery whites

email me any questions I will be herer for awhile and answer questions on emails
Ok, the most important 5 words I wanted to hear... *fwew*

They're just starting their laying mash. They've been on pullet grower (non-medicated) feed for awhile. I've also been giving them some whole wheat, a little bit of cracked corn, DE, and charcoal pigeon grit. Are probiotics something you can get at the feed store?

Lawn mower grass, greens (spinach, lettuce, artichoke leaves), and some misc grains like lentils, barley, millet, and popcorn.

It's the water in.... what.... that causes watery whites?

Thanks tons!
Watery whites can be genetic. It just deals with the ratio of protein vs water in the whites. Low protein levels = watery whites. In production, to reduce the number of watery whites, most just cull those hens and only hatch from the stiffer whites hens.
There is always a little liguid in the shell just around the formed whites. That would be normal. If it is all lig. are you taking them out of the nest soon after laying. A day out of the refrigerator is equal to a week in the refrigerator when it comes to freshness. Gloria jean
Ok, we're really new at this, so yes, we've checked the nestboxes hourly, if not bi-hourly.

So, is it possible that if the eggs lasted more than 12 hours before someone says, "This one is mine!" and eats it, then they might not be so watery?
So, if there are any more eggs today, I'll tell the kids to, "leave 'em alone!" So I can tell if they get 'thicker'... or, actually, have it for breakfast tomorrow morning! (hehehe)

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