Wattles and combs?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by The Chickadee, Apr 28, 2017.

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    I have a 4.5-week old chick (a golden laced wyandotte) whose comb appears to be turning slightly pink already. It is also starting to develop some small wattles, which have also turned slightly pink. I worry this chick may be a roo, but it's comb and wattle look like nothing compared to my Barred Plymouth Rock chick, who I know for sure is a roo. Could this earlier than usual comb and wattle development be specific to wyandotte chicks? Is there a chance that my golden laced wyandotte chick is a pullet? Thank you for any input!
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    The photos you've posted are not really that helpful in gender assessment - you'll need a nice shot that shows the whole bird, in a standing position, taken in natural lighting with no human body parts, etc block the view. At this age there is a lot to be seen in the posture, developing plumage, etc in addition to the comb/wattle.
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    Be careful sexing Barred Rock! Even the girls get big combs early. If it is bright pink or reddish then I would say you are right. The Wyandotte doesn't really scream roo, but the waddles do look a touch pink. Our Wyandotte cockerel went from pale to fire truck red overnight.

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