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12 Years
Apr 27, 2007
I talked to someone in town the other day, and I was told that the swap is going to be Sunday, April 19th. But I haven't seen anything in the paper, so I'm not completly for sure if that's when it is going to be or not. Has anyone else heard anything?
Found the date on the city website.

Exotic Bird & Animal Swap
Bremer county Fairgrounds, Waverly, Iowa
Open at 6:00 am - till?
Many Rare And Exotic Breeds of Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, Partridges, Quail, Doves, Pigeons, Guineas, Rabbits, Hamsters, Cage Birds, Pygmy Goats and Much More. (Heated Building for Cage birds)
Admission - $3.00 per person over 12
Everyone Welcome - Tell you friends - Come Early as crowd usually leaves by noon
For more information call John Cheever, 319.984.5052
A licensed veterinarian and certified pullorum tessters will be on site. All poultry, including waterfowl, should be tested WITHIN 90 days before swap.

Just a reminder, this is this sunday.

It usually has a big turnout with almost evertying you can think of there.
I look foward to it all year
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ive been to the waverly swap quite a few times, theres one in the spring and one in the fall every year...
last year i bought some exotic quail and some chickens from a couple guys who had a game farm in MN... i got some blue scale quail for $40 a piece and i got a couple jersey giant hens and some salmon faverolles... i dont know if i can say their game farm name on here or not... but needless to say, by the time i made it home and had them situated the quail and had them in their cages i lost 4 out of the 6 i bought, they had plenty of water during the ride and i had the windows open a smidge to get the fresh air going. i lost all of the faverolles but one that night, just walked into the coop and they were just laying on the ground, one was so close to dying that it was doing the head flop and leg stretch thing... the giants only lasted 2 more days... i was so upset i called the number on the card and spoke to the boy (father and son team) he told me very rudely that i paid for what i got, he said he cant help that i dont know $hit 'bout raisin birds... ive been on a farm since i was 2 years old, always had chickens... have had pheasants since i was 5 and quail at 8... ive talked to a couple people and they had incidents with them also... purchased birds making their chickens sick, dying so soon after purchase, rude people. im not trying to scare anyone, just beware who you are buying from and look at the birds very carefully.
That's horrible. We always quarantine new birds. It is a gamble when you buy outside your flock. We've gotten offers for replacement birds from other breeders--but geez, if they're infected as well why drag it home again?

I vaccinate my flock, quarantine the newbies, and cross my fingers every time.

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