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Apr 14, 2011
Central Oregon
We stopped butchering ducks because we weren't satisfied with how the carcass looked.

So I ordered duck wax. It was sent the same day, but UPS took 2 weeks in transit to deliver it. Couldn't do it this past weekend, plan to do it next weekend, so the ducks got nearly an extra month. Unfortunately, not much visible growth in that time frame, but lots of feed used.

Except for the Pekins. They weren't old enough to butcher last time. They could have been done a week ago, but since then, they are packing on the weight. Pekins are the way to go for meat, I think. At 8 weeks my biggest male weighed 9 1/2 pounds and the rest of them not far behind. Even the females are huge and they don't feel fat when I pick them up. In fact, I added corn to their diet to try to get some fat on them.

I can't separate out figures for feed for just the Pekins because all ducks are together, but they don't seem to eat enormous amounts for the weight they gain. They do like their groceries, but you can almost visibly see them growing, so I feel I am getting a very good return for what they eat.

Take my advice and don't ever buy hatchery Swedish for meat. They eat endlessly, don't grow well , and burn off a lot of feed in constant hysteria. They've been a huge waste of money. Taste really good, though.
I know what you mean about the growth rate of Pekins. It seems like every time I blink, they get bigger. Your experience with the Swedish sounds just like my experience with Cayugas. Couple that with the black feathers and it just wasn't worth it.

While I prefer raising Muscovy ducks for meat, they take a few weeks longer to get to full size but the drakes I have raised always seem to get bigger than the Pekins. The female ducks however are smaller than Pekins. I hatched a couple Moulards this year and we'll see how they go.

Good luck with the wax.
So have you used the wax? I have sixty of the grimaud hybrid pekin ducks from Metzer and I'm wondering if I should do the same. I have processed ducks before and I always spend a lot of time picking off the pin feathers with a knife. I really want to offer duck to our customers on a regular basis but I can't get over how long it takes to process them compared to a chicken.

Currently we have 37 ducks ordered out of 55 and they are just now two weeks old. Goes to show the demand for them is high, hopefully they turn out easier than what I'm anticipating. Let me know how the wax helps and if it's worth the money.
I have used Parafin wax before to process ducks and geese from hunting trips. I found it to be a hassle, the wax was a little $$ and worked Ok but made a serious mess. I have since resorted to just breasting them out since most of these wild birds have pretty lean looking carcasses.
I haven't used the wax yet. A couple more days, still. I will report. It's supposed to be a really hot day and that might have a negative effect on the wax.

I'm not raising Swedish to eat, but my show quality Swedish are calm natured and seem to grow quite well for the amount they eat. It's not so bad if they are small but didn't eat a lot to get there. They are 9 weeks now and as big as the hatchery Swedish that are 2 months older. They are thicker around the body, so would dress out better (but I won't be eating them)

My Appleyards grew really fast, seem to have good feed conversion, are calm and easy to be around. I think they only take about 2 more weeks than the Pekins to get to butchering size. I suspect they are leaner. However, they are kind of expensive to eat. It's possible that a couple of drakes will end up in the freezer, but not until everyone is fully matured and fully feathered and I can make my selection.

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