Way too big a Tom, or way to I small a hen?



So I have owned turkeys in the past but I always somehow ended up with Tom's, so this year I bought some turkey hens for my boy. He just began breeding them, but when he bred them it kind of scared me. Is it usual for when the Tom mounts the hen the hen will began gasping for air after a few seconds? I think my Tom is part meat turkey... I'm just scared that my turkey hen will end up with internal issues from breeding with this Tom. She seems accepting of him, when he struts, she sits for him. But could he be hurting her? Or is this normal?
It's normal for the hen to squeal and act like she changed her mind during mating, the Tom could actually suffocate a hen if he stays on the hen too long, I have been known to knock a Tom off if he takes too long and I'm having to listen to it. It seems younger Toms are clumsy and can take a while to position themselves. My husband actually has a turkey hunting call that simulates the cry of a hen being mated.
Not so much likely to suffocate her as to lacerate her flanks. There are "vests" available for turkey hens that can decrease chances of being flayed.

Had a really big Slate tom mate a tiny Royal Jenny - she was gasping, but the deed was done with no consequences beyond the jenny shaking herself off and giving out with the "I've been bred" trill.
Alright thanks for the info guys. If I had hens before I probably wouldn't be asking

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