Ways to make a kid go poop??????

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    Ugh....nasty subject, I know, but just looking for ideas. About a month ago (I think.....sometime anyway) my 9 y/o got a nasty virus, dehydrated, and his bowels shut down. Scary stuff. We got him back going to the restroom and thought all was well. Friday his tummy was hurting. Went to bed, woke up vomiting. By morning he couldn't stand straight and was is excruciating pain. Rush to ER and it turns out he is impacted again but his bowels are functioning. He got a suppository, lactulose (a high powered prescription laxative) and he is supposed to start taking a stool softener every night at bedtime (took the first one last night). He STILL has not gone hardly any. I gave him some Karo syrup in water today (I figured since they give it to babies it should be safe enough) and I am looking for some other ideas. I will be taking him back to the doctor in the morning but really want this child to go TODAY!!! He is really starting to scare me. One thing that freaked me out a bit. My ex husband, his bio donor, is a carrier for cystic fibrosis. The ER doc told me he could also be a carrier (which I knew) but that just being a carrier could cause lifelong digestive issues. *sigh*
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    I wish I could help but i would be afraid that anything you give him may make his belly hurt worse... Do you have Ask a Nurse in your area.. Our local hospital has a free number you can call and talk to a nurse.. Possibly an enama because it would be coming up and not going down... Sorry not much help... Good Luck and I'm sorry your lil guy isnt doing well..

    Also Riley Hospital for children, i think has a help line also.. Just tell them your here in Indiana. They will basically tell you if you need to seek emergency care or not
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    omg i had that happen when i was like 12. ok so this is what the doctors did to me, they took straight up concentraded prune juice, mixed about 3 table spoons in with a cup of orange juice, and made it sorta warm in the microwave... i don know if it will help, but it made me have to go ! ! i was in the ER too and the pain was HORRIFIC.

    they also could do an enima if its an emergency it think.
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    a tablespoon of mineral oil in a glass of milk

    a glass of prune juice or prunes and raisons themselves

    and my dd always goes after she has a whole lot of grapes

    this just happened with my nephew last week...what they did will kick in and he'll probably have really runny loose stool for a bit.

    It's awful when our kiddos don't feel so good.

    Praying for his recovery.

    Love in Christ,
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    Would maybe putting a warm, wet wash cloth on his pelvis stimulate anything and maybe help him relax? Maybe a hot bath would help... I'm sorry for your son's condition. I hope he gets better [​IMG]
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    Could it be Psychological?

    I never thought I'd be sharing this story on a thread, but here it goes, LOL.

    Apparently when I was a baby or Toddler? I would refuse to poop, I would be in horrible pain, crying all day long, but would not poop, and we were told by my doctor, that some kids have this problem, they feel as though pooping is letting a part of them go, like they are loosing an arm or something? I know it sounds crazy, but I'm proof that you never know what's going on in a kids head, LOL. I'm not sure how my parents fixed the problem, but if I am able to get a hold of my mom today (She's not answering her phone right now) I'll let you know.

    Good Luck.... [​IMG]
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    Mar 3, 2009
    Lakeport, Ca.
    Ok, so I just read that your son is 9 y/o, so my answer probably won't help, lol.
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  8. Imp

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    Sorry to here you are having this problem. Got to be horrible for your son.
    I used to do a lot of work in nursing homes and frequently had constipation issues come up. We used to make a Lax-Log from dried fruit and Senna tea.

    1 lb dried figs
    1 lb dried prunes
    1 lb dried dates
    1 oz senna tea

    Soak the tea in hot water-just enough to dampen, for a few minutes.

    Grind everything together. You may need to add more water to soften.

    Eat about 1 oz. May be less for a 9 yo.

    Can be stored frozen for a long time. We actually made like 30 lbs at a time.

    You can use other fruits in place of the original, like raisins; and/or strewed prunes. it's a pretty forgiving recipe. The Senna is the dynamite in the mix.

    When I worked with people with Cerebral Palsy. I made the lax-log and baked it into bars.

    Now for the cautions:

    I have never given it to a young child, so maybe a call to OK it with your dr. is in order. Please be cautious! Especially if he is on meds.

    It does work in a few hours. But NEVER NEVER NEVER eat any if you are not constipated. It causes severe cramping. I made the mistake of thinking 1 bar wouldn't hurt, after all it's just fruit and tea. It did taste good.

    Good Luck,
    Russ- Not to make light of you son's problem, but I went through a similiar issue with one of my rescue cats about a year ago. Just couldn't poop. Poor thing! Eventually had to have the cats colon removed. He's doing fine now.
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    I'm not sure about impaction, since that is a bit more serious than just constipation, but I've found that cod liver oil is very helpful. It's a healthy supplement in general, and it really helps my finicky intestines to keep things running smoothly. You can buy it from somewhere like Whole Foods in liquid or capsule form. I take the capsule, but I don't know if your 9 y/o could swallow them.

    Alfalfa in pill form is smaller and also a great supplement and good to keep bowls moving.

    When I was a kid I had problems pooping and my mom used to make me soak in a hot bath with epsom salts every night and then drink a glass of warm water with 2 tb or more of lemon juice. I drank the warm lemon juice every night when pregnant also and it reallllly helps make things move gently when you wake up the next morning!

    If nothing else helps, you could try eliminating dairy and gluten from his diet for a few months. I did that last summer--no dairy for 1 month and no gluten for 6 months. It caused my body to cleanse out everything and I felt great. It seemed to clean out and reset my digestive system. I have a lot of stomach and digestive upsets, I know how miserable he must feel. [​IMG]

    It's so scary when kids are sick. I hope he gets everything straightened out soon.
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    Thanks for the ideas guys. [​IMG] One thing that worries me about things like prunes, raisins, prune juice, etc. is they are dark brown. I am worried that if he vomits again (which he did again last night) I won't be able to tell if it is just normal vomit or bowel contents, in which case I would have to rush him to the hospital.

    We are really hoping to get this solved WITHOUT his colon being removed, but I am really glad your kitty is doing alright, Imp. [​IMG] And I just have to ask, does he have a colostomy???? Just having a LOT of trouble picturing a cat with a little mini colostomy bag on his side. [​IMG]

    Oh, kelseygirl, don't feel bad. [​IMG] I'll share a bit, too. [​IMG] I have that problem NOW (and I am 38 [​IMG] ....not because I think I am letting part of me go, but because I am really weirded out by body functions. If we are travelling I can go a week or longer without a need to potty because my mind locks it all down. I made sure my kids were really happy to be going potty so they would never have these problems!!! LOL

    He soaked in a warm bath for a long time last night which didn't seem to help, but I am going to get him to again...if nothing else it made him feel more comfortable while he was in there.

    I will probably try some of the lighter colored warm beverage ideas and see what that does. I am having him slowly sip everything to keep from overloading his tummy.

    Hmmm......Andora, we have cod liver oil capsules. My oldest son has ADHD and I give him those instead of meds. [​IMG] I may try that, it can't possibly hurt. And he can swallow anything. [​IMG]
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