WC black polish crests being pecked out

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  1. Shoonell

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    Jan 22, 2008
    Help!? We have some 9 week old banty chicks, 6 SP plymouth rocks and 4 WC black Polish. Most of which unfortunatly ended up being cockerals. ( sad day, my son really wanted eggs) Anyhow 2 of the polish, who are also the biggest, are having their crests pecked to death and the other 2 are just fine. We cant, figure out why they are picking on only those two so much. Is the only solution to seperate the two that are picked on? We don't have a lot of space so we have only one coop, so I am not sure what we would do with them. Also, if anyone knows when the polish should start to develop their combs, the PR have already developed some pretty good sized ones and wattles. I only see small wattles starting on only one polish. Thanks to anyone who has info.
  2. I am interested to hear the advice, too. My Polish roo gets his tophat plucked. The Polish hen isn't bothered, though? I wonder if Bitter Apple or something like that would be OK to apply to the feathers.

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