We are first time builders!

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Mar 25, 2014
Three Rivers, MA
This is our progress so far!
The frame for the coop is standing :)
It should fit our 6 pullets comfortably once they are old enough to be outside.
There will be windows on 3 sides and an open space along the highest wall under the roof.
We are not sure if we need any insulation (we live in western Massachusetts).
Somebody here might be able to let us know

Better ask now, before we get the siding up!
The roof of the coop will be covered with dark grey shingles that are left over from our roof.

The girls will be free range most of the time. The run will get a detachable roof for the winter.
Looks great, I'm in Massachusetts also where is 3 rivers? I would have a solid roof on the run so you can push the snow off and they will have a dry snow free place in the winter. I wrap my run with canvas and a clear shower curtain on the front so they can get sunlight and acts like a greenhouse. You don't need to insulate more ventilation up high is better to exchange the ammonia and moisture which will lead to frostbite. Keep the pictures coming as you make progress.
Thanks for the reply!
Three Rivers is the suburb of a suburb of Springfield :) Surrounded by farmland and woods.

There will be a lot of ventilation. We plan on going full length on the wide side of the coop.
Maybe even two additional, round vents on the highest point of the short sides.
There will be a corrugated roof on a frame to go over the run. But we will be able to take it off during the summer.
I will try to keep the pics coming!

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