I can not believe how amazing it was watching the chicks hatch. My students were so excited-- as was the whole school!
That was so neat that you did that...at one point I went on and there were something like 68 current watchers and over 700 had been the total.

Thanks so much it was just enchanting. It would be nice if you could time-lapse some of that or something similar and archive it... Anyway congratulations on your hatch--- I saw 3 chicks, came back later and saw 1 and 2 remaining eggs, came back later and saw chicks in the brooder.

Would you post your 'statistics'? Like hatch rate --etc.?
Hi! I am so glad you enjoyed it! My students LOVED it. The best part of the day was when they were singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the chicks! All 7 hatched. #7 needed help... And is a little weak. I have three healthy Americaunas and 3 RI reds! :) Currently nursing # 7 back to health. Date incubation started: 4/25 at 8:35 am.. First hatch 5/17 6:30 am

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