We bit the Store Bought Eggs bug


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11 Years
Mar 2, 2008
Today Mrs Twigg and I found ourselves in a Health Food Store.

In their fridges were NutriFresh Fertile Eggs, so we bought a dozen ($4.50) of the latest date-coded we could find.

The code on the box is 056APR5 (sell by)

We were planning on setting 6 as a test, and eating 6 because they look great

I emailed the company asking what the date code meant, and if they could tell when they were laid. I also asked which breeds of hens they have and which breeds of roosters run with them.

10 mins later I had a very helpful reply. The 056 in the code is a packing date (56th day of the year). The email explained that, from records, these eggs were most likely to have been laid the previous friday, which would have been February 22nd.

That makes them about 3 1/2 weeks old. They will have been stored quite cold, but at pretty high humidity, which helps.

The hens are ISA Browns or Bovans, and the roosters are 95% Hyline w-36 Whites.

The company is Chino Valley Farms.

So, we sit back and cross our fingers and have conversations like the one below:

Mr Twigg: I just found the $2 winning lottery ticket you bought for a dollar

Mrs Twigg: Good, my winnings

Mr Twigg: Well yeah, but you bought two tickets for $2, so we better not go into profit and loss, huh?

Mrs Twigg: I am not the one who just incubated dinner!

I think I'm sleeping in the shed tonight!
I'm extremely impressed that company shared all that info with you. Wow.

Good luck on the hatch. Candle in a week and see if anything is developing.
I told them .... here is the reply:

It will be low, as an egg cools below 50, the hatchability becomes low. I would expect you to maybe get 1 that hatch and maybe 3 -4 that show embronic growth. But you could also get 0 that hatch and not shock me. There are a little older than I would like and if you just set them, I would expect very little activity. If they have been set for a while you will do better. The longer from date of lay to setting into the incubator the lower success rate.​
Not only did they reply--but they didn't seem surprised at all that you were incubating, not eating, their eggs? Maybe the person from the company is a fellow BYC Hatch-a-holic?? I mean, after all, who else would be that helpful and not think you were off your rocker!!

I'm interested to see if any of the eggs develop--do keep us posted!!

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