We caught our first opossum


8 Years
Feb 15, 2011
Griffin, GA
After leaving our traps out for 2 weeks, we finally got a opossum last night.

We knew there were some out there coming a little too close and we even saw one, one time but we finally caught it. YAY
Congratulations! We caught one yesterday....my girls love boiled possum!
NASTY! I wouldn't waste the time to clean one let alone put it in one of my wifes pots!

I usually let possum go - they are so stupid they hardly hurt anything. Coons on the other hand have to go!
Ive shot 4 possums at my house so far. They carry disease and are just plain ugly. They were getting into my feed and my hens got sick. Any predator comes around here has a one way ticket to the other side.

I caught a huge 15lb possum last friday. Wish ida thought of boiling er up and feedin him to the girls. I killl about 6 every year, and i hate to see the meat go to waste so ill do it next time. It aint that hard to skin em and gut em out...........well at least 4 me cause i do some taxidermetry. And to not put it in the house pans ill build a fire outside and boil em in the gut bucket we use for skinning deer. Thanks for the idea!

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