We had a day in honor of Gritsar yesterday.

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Gritty, I have been telling everyone about your cow troubles (really I think Imp is to blame…………..he invited them
) Ok, and by everyone………….I mean my DH (he asks about the cow with the pop door necklace every time I bring them up – he even draws the pop door around his neck
), the parrots and the "house dogs" - border collie and cane corse…………..everyone in the house who will listen.

This happened yesterday, close to chicken lock-up time.

The dogs barked furiously, I looked to see what was causing the commotion and instantly thought of you


Tellin’ those calves not to come any closer

All in a good days work, no cows will get our chickens’ buildings

Cristo (corso), Tui (anatolian) and Hannah (bc)

We live in open range, so seeing roaming cattle is not uncommon. The two older girls (cows) I have seen before – and the older cows “know” the border collie and cane corso, but this was the first time they had seen the Anatolian – she gives everyone pause. The dogs, from behind the fence, made the cows stop and turn around – I had to laugh at them, silly cows.

Course the silly cows got their revenge. They returned to the white fenced property and waited for night fall (no they do not live at that property; they had just crossed the downed parts of the fence). Every time I fell asleep, they would move around and upset the Anatolian and she would start barking at them…………from under my window
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How I wish we could just turn Jax and Kane loose on these monsters, but I won't risk injury to the boys.

I really feel sorry for the herd owner. Poor guy. He's nearly 70, dealing with his wifes leg amputation from a chicken house accident, he's lost a bull somewhere up here, he's trying to help us up here as much as possible AND the his latest problem - this is funny unless you're the herd owner; seems we have about 8 calves up here all of a sudden. Apparently none of these heifers were supposed to be pregnant when he bought them at auction *oops*

Tell DH, he should enjoy this, that I talked to the herd owner the other day. The farmer tells me that the same day I called him asking for help to retrieve my coop door (while he was @ the hospital with his wife) he gets a call from our neighbor to the south reporting that she had just seen one his cows go by with a "big blue box thingie stuck on its head".

I would have loved to have one of those hot shots that DH is afraid for me to have last night. There was a cow in desperate need of a poke in the nose with one.

I could laugh at the whole situation now if it weren't for the chick I lost last night as an indirect result of the cows and the terror they cause. The cows can't be penned up in the big meadow right now because there is hay on the ground. Hopefull it will dry by tomorrow, they can get it baled and the cows can be hemmed back up there.

In the meantime, DH has called the herd owner this morning. He is out here right now trying to re-locate the five troublemakers to one of his other leases or back to his own farm.

I still like the idea of using a hotshot and the dogs, but will have to content myself with a weedburner (DH is buying one today) and throwing rocks in the meantime. EVIL cows!
Our doggies stayed safe behind the fence

Well now I feel bad for him too................calves from open heifers, missing bull, a cow who collect blue boxy necklaces.

But please, please.....................tell me his wife's chicken house accident did NOT involve any cows.
I am sorry about her leg
No, she fell going into one of their commercial houses and broke her ankle, compound (open) fracture. The ankle healed fine, but despite 6 hospitalizations over a years time they weren't ever able to get the infection from the nastiness of the chicken house out of her bone. That tells you how nasty those commercial houses get and people actually eat those chickens???
They ended up amputating just below the knee.

Poor woman, having to learn to do everything all over again late in life. We had an electric wheelchair that belonged to DH's late brother. We gave it to her a few months ago. It had been sitting for a couple of years, so they had to send away for new batteries for it. The batteries aren't cheap, but they tell us the electric chair has made her life alot easier.
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Yeah but the new age old question is where the heck did that coop door go?

Neighbor has been all over the farm (hunting that lost bull), we've been all over the farm (hunting the door), no coop door.

My theory is that it's at the bottom of the big pond.
LOOK at those poopies! Uh, I mean puppies!

Whole 'nother thing, but it is so fun to see pics from places so different from where I live. Thanks!

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