We had to think QUICK!


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Apr 4, 2008
Enoch, UT
We discovered that of our 10 head flock, 8 are roos and only 2 are hens.

One of the roos were being terrorized by the others and we moved him to this small dog run by himself to recover then added the 2 hens. They get along very well.

This is our temporary "fix". We found this small doghouse at CALRanch and put it in the coop to give the "girls" (2 20-week old RIR's - Miley and Clucky) someplace to nest. It must have worked, we got our first egg last night. Crude but effective.


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We get a lot of snow in the winter - I expect you get a lot of rain, what about snow?

Does this keep them warm in the winter?
This is my first year with chickens, so we'll see. Our winters are fairly mild. I live about a mile from Puget Sound, which is a fairly big body of salt water, so that helps keep snow to a minimum. (Maybe once a year, if that.) The dog house is small enough that I think their body heat will keep them warm enough. On days when it's expected to get really cold I can set them up in my mud room, which is where my parrot and pigeon are. We'll see how it goes....
Our first year too. When we got them we housed them in the garage with a heat lamp then moved them outside when the weather warmed up. I am hoping that we will have a full size chicken house by then but will have to keep this little house just for the sake of it being too cute not to keep.

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