We have a roo?


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May 29, 2019
Seattle Area
We heard a little something different this morning when we let the “girls” out. Looking at Diane this morning it seems pretty obvious we have a rooster, but wanted to ask for confirmation.

Definitely a roo. He's got those pretty, curly, iridescent tail feathers. Handsome boy! Hope you can keep him. I love roos <3. And if you are looking for new names, I'm gonna throw in the name Diarmuid (pronounced Dee-ar-mid or Deer-mid: 'tis the name of a Celtic folk character :p).
yep you got a rooster, and he's pretty just don't tell him that, my rooster in avatar thinks his name is pretty boy, nobody is allowed in the yard unless they call him pretty boy too lol
Thanks, everyone! This is our first flock and Diane/Dan was a random selection at the supply store. We have 3 Easter Eggers, 3 speckled Sussex and 2 Barred Rock...so it’s oddly appropriate for our lone Wyandotte to be a roo.

We have 3 young kids and they pronounce Diane with an almost British accent (we r not British)...so it’s already comical and I’m not sure the kids will take to a name change

We have no regulations about roosters but do have some close neighbors. Hopefully Diane stays a good roo with our kids, her girls and keeps her voice at a reasonable level.

Any advice on raising a good roo is greatly appreciated! We handled our chicks early on and now pretty much let them be chickens.
just make sure he knows his place, not being mean to the hens and when humans are there he does not come close should be enough for training him, Do not let kids chase the hens though as roosters do tend to get upset when their hens are a squawking, My special needs son does fine as well as the roosters, I had him treat them from chicks ,

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