We have always free-ranged our ducks but i'm thinking about the future


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Jan 17, 2016
Palmerston North, New Zealand
As it stands, our 2 ducks (both KC/crosses) are big enough that nothing will go near them, no neighbourhood cats or anything, but i am unsure what to do when it comes time to have ducklings.

We currently have them free ranging on around 400m2 of lawn and gardens, they also have a swimming pool in addition to that. They have never been fans of being penned up, but i am thinking of designing a larger and more inviting coop in a spot where we can add a run if necessary in the future.

We are in NZ, and as such, in town there are no real predators, I was also wondering what peoples thoughts were on free-ranging the ducklings and letting the mother raise them without our intervention? has anyone done this, if i provide a warm area is that suitable? This was just a thought, just so Milo (our drake) can be used to them without being separated and then having to reintegrate them.

This is a wee way down the track, so i want to figure out what is going to be best and prepare accordingly.


I feel like i have posted on here far too much given that i have been a member for a whole 2 days or so.


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Apr 6, 2014
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Just let nature be the guide. Your adult ducks will protect their young.. You mention that where you are , the predators are not a real problem. The cats may be driven off by the parents. Are there a lot of cats there??? If so, then you should create a covered run to keep them until grown. My cats do not bother my chickens. I don't have baby chicks though.
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