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Apr 16, 2012
Hi All,
Thanks so much for the advice to this first timer and all the great info here in this forum! We had 5 new chicks hatch on Mother's Day! How fitting :) After my last failed attempt to move one of my BA's who was brooding in the woods, the next day I combined two hidden nests and another broody BA in the broody stall I had already set up. Even though I moved her in the daytime, she took to it like a champ! She originally had one egg, and must have been thrilled that I added nine others from the second nest, lol!

I candled at about day 7 and thought they all looked fertile. Then one broke at about day 14, so I candled again and got rid of 3 more that didn't look viable. That left us with six eggs. All of them hatched on Mother's Day, but the next morning I went out & one little one had perished in the night. It was still under mom, but either was too weak to survive or just got squished. No way to tell.

I thought I might add a few more to the nest, so yesterday I went to the farm store in the evening and bought 4 more... two BA's and two Barred Rocks. She didn't even blink when I slipped them under her at dusk last night, and this morning all are doing well! I'm attaching a pic of the original brood. Mama(s) are I think either Barred Rock or Black Austrolorp. I also have a speckled sussex and an americauna hen, so the little grey one could be part of either of those I guess. Possible daddies are 1) white silkie 2) white Frizzle 3) White Cochin. All the babies have feathered feet & are so darling... even if they are mutts :)

Thanks again for all the advice!
I had my first broody hen's chick hatch this morning. Last night I checked her and one of the eggs was chirping. So cool! And this morning the little stinker is out. Nothing from the other three eggs. Guess this little guy/gal will be an only child. Hope mama is a good mama and the chick does okay. I have 22 3-week old chicks I bought from Cackle Hatchery. They're doing good. Plus a friend is going to bring over some Easter Egger chicks over to me soon too, they're about a week old.
You might be surprised. The other eggs might just be a day or so behind... I was sure none of my eggs were going to hatch... they were 2 days late!
Yep! Another egg is chirping! The one hatched this morning looks like a Buff Orphington. Cute little thing! Can't wait to see what the other one is! This is so exciting!

It IS so exciting
Congrats on #2!
The second one hatched. The first one is smaller, a little Buff Orphington. The second one looks to be a Brown Leghorn. So, each of my roosters are daddies. Prince William=the buff, Red=the Brown Leghorn. Are chickens like dogs, will they have characterstics of both 'parents' as they develop? Kinda 'mutts' like previously mentioned in this thread? They sure are cute. Mama has them venturing out a bit and showing them how to eat and drink. Wish I had a camera in there to capture these precious moments!

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