We have eggs!

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Jul 16, 2014
I am so excited! My sister-in-law and her husband moved in with us temporarily and brought their chickens with them. Hers were already laying and have kept laying despite the stress of the move. And then on Thursday mine started laying!!

I have gotten I believe 4 from one of my Rhode Island Reds and 4 from my Silkie since Thursday!! I wasn't expecting so many from the Silkie! I think my other Rhode Island Red may be laying as well but I can't find any eggs from her. (all of my chickens are free range almost all day).

My Rhode Island Reds are 27 weeks. I don't know how old the Silkie is, she was a gift. My Buff Orpingtons don't appear to be laying yet, they are 23 weeks.

On the left we have 2 Silkie eggs, the next two are Black Australorp (which belong to my sister-in-law), then the 3 on the right are Rhode Island Reds.

I got another smaller one today that I think is from a Rhode Island Red but its darker brown and more the size of one from the Australorp. Can egg size and color vary from the same chicken?
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Congratulations on the eggs!

Yes, egg color and size can vary from the same bird, especially when they are first beginning to lay. Different birds within a breed may also vary. But, it's also possible that you have another bird laying that you didn't know about!
I just found another Silkie egg! Although I am pretty sure its from my sister-in-laws Silkie since I have seen mine lay in the same place every day and this egg was in a different location. Anyway, it is so tiny! Its only about an inch long!
This keeps getting better and better! I've just collected 3 more eggs for a total of 6 today! Bring on the egg recipes and take eggs off of the grocery list!
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