We have made it to 3 weeks (pics)


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Feb 25, 2009
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So we made it to 3 weeks old. They are outside (with a light) like big birds now.

got to love the morning hair.

I was trying a plate to keep dirt out of the food. Not working

can you see all the tail feathers?

Kelly G

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Mar 19, 2008
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Quote:Well in south FL I would die if we had frozen water on the ground:p

We had frozen waterers about two weeks ago!!!! The cats, chickens, and horses were all hoppin' mad! It was cold...and I'm just a few minutes south of you!

Snow....I think it's been more than 20 years since we've had snow here! My chicks are going to be allowed outside for the first time today
I can't wait to watch them!
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