We have our first egg! But who gets the applause?


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Dec 18, 2020
We have 8 ladies and are excited to have found our first egg!!

we have…
2 Rhode Island reds
2 Plymouth rocks
2 buff orpingtons
(All 19 weeks old)
And 2 Easter eggers (21 weeks old)

The two Plymouth rocks looked very close to laying so I’ve been checking like a mad woman every day for eggs! And today we finally found out first one!! BUT to my surprise, it was green! So my guess is that one of our Easter eggers was the first to lay an egg!!

is this normal if the don’t look “ready” —this is our first set of chickens so everything I’ve read online says their comb and wattle turn red before laying. Both Easter eggers have small combs and wattles and they only look a little dark.

Attached are some photos!

also, of course the first egg wasn’t in the nest box (where I had fake eggs to help give them some clues). Any suggestion on how to help them get their eggs in a better spot?


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