We have rodents! Mice!

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    Well I think they're mice. They tend to be small when they get caught in traps. And I know that this is inhumane, but my parents use glue traps in the house(well hidden in corners where the dogs can not get to). But they also use snap traps in the garage(the dogs can't get to them since the garage is a no no place for them, and the traps are also hidden).
    When I see one on the glue traps, I know that they are going to suffer, and I cant let them escape because my parents will get mad. So I euthanize them(they get trapped at night and in the morn, IF they are alive, I quickly let them no longer suffer.
    I've only done this 3 times and feel TERRIBLE. Like I have a bad day after.
    We can't really afford an exterminator, and we dont want to use poisons since they can kill our dogs if somehow they catch the mice.
    Our dogs usually kill the ones in the backyard(they dont eat or bite them. They claw them and pounce.
    We have neighbor hood cats, but still they dont do a good job.
    Is there anything we can do? The humane traps arent something my parents are up for at all.
    Is there like something we can do without harming my other pets? Not having to kill them but stop them from entering our home? The home is about 1400 sq ft. [​IMG]
    And no, getting a cat isnt an option [​IMG]
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    There's wall plugins that supposedly emit something that keeps the mice and other rodents away, we had the Riddex brand. I've heard mixed reviews on them, but they always worked for me. At my last house my roommate and I had mice & rat problems, and as soon as we plugged those things in... we never saw another one! I'm not sure how pricey they are, because my roommate purchased them, but they were well worth whatever the investment in my opinion. We had one in just about every main room and the garage.

    I know they're advertised as getting rid of roaches too, but it didn't work for us... I had to get the type of bait houses where the roaches took the poison back to the rest of their colony.
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    I put milk crates over snap traps.There are pricer snap traps that are like a box and you just toss the entire thing out.It is hard to block all entrances,but scan around the home and use small mesh wire fencing and metal pads(like brillo pads)to fill in gaps. Just keep setting the traps. I have used the glue as well,but prefer the fast death for the mice.

    One non mouse trap that has caught me a few was the repeating sparrow trap.That is pricey though at $50.Those plug ins sound good.I kept a mouse that was pregnant.The reproduction rate in mice is sooooo fast.Keep those traps set 24/7!

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