We made the cut! :)


12 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Baker City, Oregon
So, here are my 3 roosters lucky enough to survive this past weekend's butchering...

Fowler- our (actually my DH's) rescue roo... We're not sure how old he is, or what breed (I'm thinking GSL), but he is the BEST roo!! He protects the hens, shows them where the treats are and keeps them in line... such a good boy.. he had been completely free range till we got him about 2 months ago- with no other chickens... and after a few days of chasing everyone around, he has settled in nicely and I'm SO glad we have him and decided to keep him!! He is missing some tail and wing feather, but I'm hoping they'll come back in after a good molt next spring!


Cogburn- our Barred Rock roo that I have raised from a chick. He seems to be ok with the hens (we'll see what happens next spring!) and is SUCH a handsome boy... He's also very curious...


Reggie (named by my neighbor girls)- Black Australorp that I raised from a chick. He has had "issues" with learning to crow... he squeaked and squawked for a LONG time... and just in the last couple weeks he's started actually crowing... It was rather funny! I LOVE the iridescence in his feathers!!!

Thanks everyone! We think they're pretty handsome as well! It was a tough decision deciding which of the Barred Rocks and Black Australorps to keep, but I'm glad we kept the ones we did! I'm just hoping come next spring, I'll still be as happy!
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