We Need YOU To Be Contest Judges For Chicken Coop Pages - COMPLETED


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----------- UPDATE: THIS TASK IS COMPLETE! Thanks everybody! ------------

We need your help in rating and ranking coops for the current Coop contests.

We're using a great service that will allow all our members to work together to rate and organize our TONS of great new BYC Coop submissions.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Click on the link here: (task is complete) (it will take you to a site called crowdflower)
2) Enter your email address (this is just to make sure you don't get the same page more than once)
3) You'll be given a page with a handful of links to coop (about 4).
4) Rank the coop on a scale of 1 - 5 as stated in the insturctions (5 being the best page... great pics and information)
5) Determine the size of the coop (1 = tractor, 2 = small, 3 = medium, 4 = large)
6) You'll see the number of "Assignments" you've completed at the top left of the page after you click "submit task". Each "assignment" is 4 coop ratings.

Once we get enough votes the crowdflower system will tell you that the job / project is completed!

Any problems or questions, post them here!

Good luck and have fun!!


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