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    We need ALL members help in creating content to add to the www.BackYardChickens.com site. It would be great to see all members create additional pages off of their main "PERSONAL PAGES index page. These pages can be about lots of different content to be added to the main site.


    1) Coop pages
    2) Chicken breed pages
    3) Duck pages
    4) Other bird pages
    5) And much much more

    Your pages will be linked from the appropriate sections of the BYC site. Help a great cause and get your pages seen by thousands of people!

    This thread is ONLY for posting a link to your content page submission and should only include:

    1) The title of your page
    2) The section on the BYC site where you page fits best (or suggest a new section)
    3) A link to your page

    Here is an example:

    1) ClayHill Chicken Coop
    2) Chicken Coop Designs
    3) https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=2969-ClayHill_Coop

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