We processed our 1st rooster today...


11 Years
Sep 7, 2008
Munfordville, KY
He was 6 1/2 months... it went ok, took us awhile get it all done, think next time I'm asking my neighbor to come over and process for us so Dh can see it done, I watched our neighbor process 2 of his a couple months ago and he made it look sooooo dang easy and fast!

The bird is soaking in the refrigerator right now, I need to let it soak 2-3 days right... then how should I cook it? I was thinking about cooking it in the crockpot?
Oh, my wife wishes we would dispatch my beautiful Golden Cuckoo Maran and my Huge Partridge Cochin.

The Maran crows at all hours of the night... he's even waking me up... may be time for a trip to Mesa (Lehi) to give him away.

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