We win, skunk lost!

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10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
azalia, indiana
We had something digging in under our coop. Big hole too -- thought it was a raccoon. Tried to beef up security, but the little bugger found a gap in the bricks and came back. All the times before, it never bothered the chickens, thought maybe it was only after the food and water.

But the night after I put the bricks down, it killed a meatie who was too big to get up on the roost. It was also DH's favorite. So bricks were replaced with 30 pound solid pavers and hardware cloth underneath. My nightshift working DH was leaving for work last night about 10 pm, I hear a crack of the rifle. Turns out it was a skunk. Operative word: WAS.

Unfortunately, I was having a sleepless night (not uncommon for me) and we have no AC, so windows were open all night . . . . . I'm at my office and still smelling skunk *ugh*. We'll keep a lookout in case this guy or gal has friends, but hopefully with the upgrades around the exterior we'll be okay. Especially since we have babies due to hatch this weeekend!!

I had ruled out skunk because I thought it would leave some scent behind when it was digging -- not so. Lesson learned.
I would get a skunk trap..IT's a special trap just for them...Keep it around..

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